Parking in Ogunquit

Overview of Parking

Ogunquit is a small fishing village turned travel destination and has the parking challenges to go along with that transition. Most businesses in town, Finestkind Cruises included, do not have their own parking lots. Ogunquit does have several parking lots throughout the town to help visitors come to town with their cars; some lots are all day, some are hourly – you can find a lot that works best for you and your schedule and go from there. We have found that it makes the most sense to come to our area for the day, park your car once and walk to your destinations from there.

Parking in Perkins Cove

Parking Spaces

The town operates 43 paid parking spaces in Perkins Cove (pay at the meter, display on your car, credit card only – no Amex) and approximately 30 two-hour free parking spaces located alongside the footbridge, in front of shops, and in the boatyard at the very end of the cove; however the loading zone along the footbridge is a No Parking Zone until noon, 7 days a week.

Parking Lots

In addition to the town-operated lot, there are two private all-day lots in Perkins Cove; one is located directly across from Barnacle Billy’s Etc. (opens around 10 am), the other (Perkins Parking Lot) is right at the entrance to the Perkins Cove area just before the road forks going into the cove, which opens at 9 am. There are also handicapped parking spots located in Perkins Cove; please contact the Ogunquit Police Department (207) 646-9362 or Ogunquit Visitor Services (207) 646-3032 for exact locations and details.

Please leave yourself plenty of time to pay and park before your departure – refunds are not given for no-shows or late arrivals as our trips are often sold out and we’ve turned passengers away.

Walking to Perkins Cove

If you are staying close by, Ogunquit is a wonderful walking town – the Marginal Way is a very scenic way to get to Perkins Cove, or you can walk the sidewalk down Shore Road and visit some shops along the way.

Public Transportation

The Ogunquit Trolley and the Beach Caddie are both available throughout the summer.

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