Frequently Asked Questions

While we think we’ve heard them all, if you have a question that isn’t listed, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your question!

Tickets and Boardings

    Do we need reservations?

    We no longer take reservations – all tickets are now purchased through our online booking system. Just follow the link on our homepage to secure your trip.

    How do we buy tickets? Do you take walkups?

    The easiest way to purchase tickets is through our online booking system which you will find on our homepage. You can also call us once we open for the season and we can secure your tickets for you over the phone with credit card payment. Lastly, you can stop by our ticket booth (photo below) in Perkins Cove and purchase your tickets in person – so yes, we do take walkups as long as there is still room on the trip!

    What’s the child’s age? Do you have a senior discount?

    The child’s age is 3-11, ages 12 and up pay an adult rate, ages 2 and under ride for free – however, you will still need to reserve space onboard the trip for any “freebies”. If you neglect to do this when purchasing your tickets, there may not be room onboard when you arrive. We do not have a senior rate, but we do have a free rate for those over a certain age – this year (2023) that age is 96, the current age of our owner. If you or someone you know is coming and is 96 or older, let us know!

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for a full refund. If we must cancel due to conditions or other circumstances, you will receive a full refund at any time. No shows and late arrivals receive no refund.

    When is the best time to go?

    There is no official “best” time, but lobster trips are generally busier in the mornings if that’s a concern for you. Really the best time is what works best for you and your group.

    How do we find you?

    Our ticket booth (shown below) is located under a large umbrella directly in front of Barnacle Billy’s patio in Perkins Cove. You will need to check in with us before your trip and board the boat through Barnacle Billy’s patio and onto our dock. We have a boarding area where you can comfortably sit and wait for your trip.

    What time should we arrive?

    At least 15 minutes before departure time, we will board approximately 10 minutes before departure time.

    Are seats reserved?

    No, it is first come, first serve. Although there are plenty of seats for everyone and all seating is good, if you have a preference we recommend arriving a little early to check-in and wait on the dock for boarding.

    Do I need to print my tickets?

    This is not necessary if you have your digital ticket information on your device for your own records. Also, it is very easy for us to find you on our passenger list using your name.

    Can we bring our dog?

    Yes! Dogs are allowed on all trips at no extra cost.

    Where do we park and do we have to pay to park?

    There are three parking lots in Perkins Cove to choose from, all of which are paid lots. Please leave plenty of time to do so, as things can get challenging on a busy day. The town-operated parking lot right across the street from us is currently a three-hour lot, the other two are privately owned and are generally half-day or all-day lots. Visit our parking page for more information or enquire directly to the operator for details – Town of Ogunquit Parking Page


    Are there bathrooms on the boats?

    The Finestkind III does have bathroom facilities onboard, as this boat does the nubble lighthouse cruise and the cocktail cruise. The other vessels do not have bathroom facilities. You are encouraged to use the public restrooms in Perkins Cove before your trip. These restrooms are located at the end of Perkins Cove past the white footbridge.

    Can we bring our stroller, wheelchair, or a walker onboard?

    The U.S. Coast Guard does not allow us to block the aisles on the boats, therefore these items cannot come on board. However, we do have space behind our ticket booth to leave these items and pick them up upon your return. If there is any way to leave them in the car, that is the best option whenever possible. If you need assistance getting on board the vessel, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

    Are the boats available for private trips?

    Yes. You can book these trips yourself by finding an open departure and purchasing all available adult seats.

    Do you have life jackets for everyone on board?

    Yes, they are for emergency use only per the U.S. Coast Guard. The captain will decide if life jackets are to be distributed. If you would like you or your child to wear one for the entirety of the trip, feel free to bring your own.

    Do you offer fishing tours?

    No, try the Bunny Clark, they’re great!

    Can we bring food and drink on board?

    You may not bring any alcoholic beverages on any of the vessels, aside from the Cricket sailing where it is allowed. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed on all boats.

    Are the boats covered?

    Although the Cricket sailboat is an open vessel, all of our other boats are mostly covered with some seats being “outside”.

Trip Information

    Can we pay for drinks on board the lighthouse or cocktail cruise with a credit card?

    No, drink purchases on board are strictly cash only.

    Do you go in the rain?

    Maybe! It depends on other conditions – is this an all day rain event? Passing shower? Thunder and lightning? Rough seas? Many times we limit things to lobstering in a light rain, but it’s best to check before coming to the dock.

    Will we get wet on the trip? What should we wear?

    You shouldn’t get wet, but there is sometimes spray so think ahead. Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in for the conditions – it is often a bit cooler on board so keep that in mind.

    Can kids go on all the trips, including the cocktail cruise?

    Yes, all of our trips are family-friendly. However, the lobstering trip is by far the best trip we have for kids due to the nature of hauling traps and the appealing 50 minute duration of the trip.

    Do we see the lighthouse on the lobstering and/or cocktail cruise?

    No, not up close, but you will see it in the distance. If you really want to get close to Nubble light, hop on the lighthouse cruise!

    Do you go to Boon Island and can you see it on the trips?

    No, we do not ever go to Boon Island. You can see the lighthouse and the island on a clear day, and the crew will point this out to you during your trip.

    What lighthouses do you see on the lighthouse cruise?

    Aside from Boon Island in the distance, the only lighthouse we see is the Nubble lighthouse.

    Do people get seasick?

    Occasionally when the conditions are unfavorable some people may not feel well, but we let everyone know when those conditions exist. We can’t predict that ahead of time, but if you have sensitivities, please consult with us on the day of your trip.

    What is served on the breakfast cruise?

    Orange juice, fresh brewed coffee, and a freshly baked muffin from our very own Finestkind kitchen!

    Do you see whales or other wildlife on the trips? Will we see puffins?

    Occasionally, we do see various sea creatures including seals, porpoise, ocean sunfish, minke whales, and fish like mackerel, tuna, and bluefish, along with seabirds like eider ducks, loons, cormorants and gulls. We do not see puffins here in this part of Maine.

    Do we get off the boat at the Nubble lighthouse?

    No, no one is allowed on the island.

    Are the trips narrated?

    Yes, all trips are narrated except the sailing trip.

    Which trip is the most scenic?

    All trips cover our beautiful coastline, but the Nubble lighthouse trip goes further thus allowing for more sightseeing.

    How far offshore do the boats go and can I see land from the boat?

    We are always well within one mile of shore and usually much closer than that.

    Are the cocktails included in the price of the cocktail cruise?

    No, drinks are not included in the price of the cocktail cruise, it is a cash-only bar on board.

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